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When it comes to ensuring the safety and security of your premises, settle for nothing less than the best exterior doors for homes and offices. At Saina Doors, you’ll get exterior smart doors of numerous designs made from premium-quality materials. Our experts suggest the most suitable exterior door type and material for your home or office space. 

Simply tell us what you prefer the most—effective thermal performance, moisture protection, visual and auditory control of external views and sounds, etc. A customized combination of these (and many more factors) will be considered as per your requirements before casting your abode’s exterior door.

Our USP is to build exterior smart doors to perfection. We continue making changes or improvements until you are satisfied with the final product. Contact our team for building and installing the exterior doors that tell the tale of your living space.


What features to look out for in Exterior Smart Doors?



Whether you’re choosing to get exterior wood doors, exterior fiberglass smart doors, or exterior glass doors installed, your first priority must undoubtedly be the safety that ensures your residence or office space.

The strength and durability of such doors need to be on point to minimize the chances of a burglar breaking in. Also, exterior smart doors provide all the privacy by offering no chance to the passersby from peeking in.


Curb Appeal:

The entrance door majorly contributes to a visitor’s first impression of your home or office. A warm, inviting curb appeal entices the guest to see how the decor is from the inside.

We at Saina Doors have such an exclusive range of traditional and contemporary exterior smart door designs that you’ll be spoilt for choice.


Type of materials used In Exterior Wood And Glass Doors:

Every customer has a particular taste or preference in aesthetics, and we value that. Besides, there are other functional values of various kinds of materials used.

These include water & rust resistance, temperature regulation, ease of maintenance, anti-scratch and anti-corrosion properties, and shrinkage or expansion in extreme weather conditions. See which set of properties works best for your home.


Why choose Saina Doors as the best exterior door manufacturer?

For us, a door is more than just a gateway to your home or office space. It has a whole vibe, A creation that conveys your living space’s personality.

So, we endeavor to encapsulate and portray this vibe to all those who enter or exit your premises. Your trust matters the most to us. Thus, we put in our best efforts to build not just a door but an entryway to the paradise called your home.


Experienced And Professionals:

All our handymen have years of experience and are skilled at sculpting designs, including office front glass door designs

When it comes to technical know-how about which motif would work for your home’s exterior doors, our team will suggest you the best fit as per the above-mentioned specifications.


End-to-end Services:

All services, right from procuring the material & cutting down lumber to delivering and installing the door, are provided by us. Once you count upon us, you will face no hassle in terms of contacting third-party vendors to supply materials.

All of this will be handled by us. Conveniently offering you the best-quality products lies at the core of our working philosophy; that and customer satisfaction.


On-time Delivery:

Entrance and exit doors are the two main pathways to your home. We understand the urgency of getting an exterior smart door installed. 

So, before all our professionals get to work, they are told to keep in mind that the door needs to be manufactured and delivered as soon as possible.


Wide range of designs:

As we said before, you’ll be spoilt for choice in terms of door designs. We have the latest technological tools and equipment to carve designs on various wood, glass, and fiberglass materials.

Our craftsmen are adept at making replicas of the design of your choice and coming up with original designs. Choose your pick, and we’ll be happy to assist you.


Products built to last:

Premium-quality materials aside, we even take care of the miscellaneous items like nuts, bolts, polishes, and adhesives to be used. 

So, be assured that we will use hinges of the most prominent brands while installing the best fiberglass exterior door at your place. And when only the finest materials are used, the doors are bound to look new and freshly built for lifetimes together.


All door dimensions and colors:

Nothing is too basic or eclectic for us. Your wish is our command. Do let our team members know the dimensions of the door you wish to get installed. 

We cast doors of Indian standard dimensions—800 x 2045 mm—or any other dimensions as per your liking. Also, choose the door color that brings out the beauty of your curb appeal.

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Whether you want our artisans to come up with an office front glass door design that depicts your corporate persona or are looking for the best exterior doors for home. Contact Us At +91 8053280782 for customizing your preferred design doors.