Interior Double Doors Design

The entryway that leads you from one room or from one area of your living space to another captures the whole vibe of the room you’re entering into. We’re guessing that you’d want your guests & the inhabitants of the house to always feel “at home” once they’re inside the premises. For that, you need to ensure that you create a warm and welcoming ambience for them.

Design That Makes A Difference

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Interior Double Doors play a crucial role in producing that ambience. These doors are the ones that hang towards each other and thus create a double-wide entry/exit into a hallway or room. When you enter the room swaying both the doors open, it gives the sense of entering into a newer zone. Besides, the double door design for bedroom makes the space seem more spacious and, thus, extravagant.

At Saina Doors, we craft wooden doors that wouldn’t get swollen up, warped, or twisted in extreme heat, or shrunken in winters. So, however, soaring the temperatures might be our doors will last long and strong. 

What size are interior double doors?

Generally, the most common widths for interior double doors with glass or wood are 60”, 64” & 72”. Ensure that you tell the handyman who makes the double glass doors for office or home that both doors must have the same width, height, and thickness.

What is the standard thickness for interior double doors?

Interior double doors don’t have any standard thickness. So, you can get their thickness customized as per the length, breadth, and height of the doors installed in your home or office. But considering that each of your interior doors is wider than 36 inches or taller than 80 inches, the recommended thickness as mentioned by our experts is 1 ¾ inches.

How to choose the right type of wood for your home’s interior double doors?

Regardless of the type of wood you choose, see that it is seasoned before the technician uses it to cast the doors. The process of seasoning is essential to make the door sturdy and durable. It involves drying that particular piece of wood so that it becomes suitable to be used for furniture.

  • Benefits of seasoned timber:

  1. Withstands extreme climate
  2. Bears the door weight
  3. Supports carving grooves for self-locks
  4. Absorbs moisture
  5. Supports drilling for screws
  6. Stays durable
  7. It does not expand or shrink in extremely hot or cool temperatures

However, we also describe the best interior doors in various temperatures, which given as follows:

Best interior double doors for hot weather conditions

All the timbers used to make interior double doors are first treated at the factory to optimize their water content. Then, specific and tested cooling techniques used to reduce the natural moisture content in the wood. We do this to improve the strength of timber and reduce its weight before the timber is used to manufacture a door. Further, all of our doors are constructed in an engineered fashion. So, all the doors made by us resist the natural movement of timbers. But that’s not all.


All our handymen ensure that the doors are stored in ideal temperatures & not left touching the ground. The final products are handled carefully and packed properly so that the material doesn’t get chipped off or broken. The material used to seal the doors protects the doors in transit and keeps the optimum moisture content intact. 


Once unpacked, our technicians apply the finishing product on the doors right away to retain the moisture. We consider finishing to be as important as manufacturing the door as it plays a significant role in protecting the door from extremely hot conditions. On your part, also make sure that the doors are properly sealed so the moisture content remains preserved. 

Interior double doors for cold weather conditions

We also make interior double doors with fiberglass as it is the most effective solid material that provides insulation and energy efficiency. Fiberglass insulated doors are heat-trapping materials. When we build such doors, we install an air-tight seal around them so that no heat can escape through any leaks & gaps. 


It is imperative to keep the home well insulated in cold weather conditions as the interiors need to be warm and comfortable. The energy efficiency that comes with fiberglass is unparalleled. Hire the team at Saina Doors as your primary door supplier to ensure that you lounge cozily at your home while saving bucks that would otherwise be spent in installing other energy-efficient door solutions.


Another thing about fiberglass doors is that once installed, they look exactly like wooden doors and can even be or painted upon with colors that pop. Fiberglass doors require minimal or no maintenance at all as with time, the material does not rot, rust, or get damaged by water. 

Best interior double doors for humid weather conditions

Interior fiberglass double doors perform well in areas with high humidity as they do not swell or shrink in such weather conditions. If a double wood door is your choice, we suggest that you use any among the various types of solid, hard woods like Oak, Walnut, Mahogany, and Maple, among others.


Our expert craftsmen ace the skill of capturing the look, feel, and sturdiness of wooden doors in interior fiberglass double doors. Fiberglass is the material used to construct surfboards, airplanes, and Corvettes. The fiberglass that we use is very durable and resistant to insects and fire.


Another pro of using fiberglass is that as it has no moisture retained in it in the first place, there is no scope for such doors to get swollen up in humidity. Rest assured, know that our experts will recommend you the most suitable type of wood (if that’s what you prefer) as per your area’s humidity level. 

Interior double doors for dry weather conditions

If your home is situated in dry weather conditions, install interior double doors made from fiberglass. This material is tough and, as we said above, practically maintenance-free. Once you get these doors installed, know that you won’t have to face the problem of your home’s doors splitting, cracking, or delaminating.


They’re ideal for dry climates because the doors molded without any seams or breaks in their outer coverings. So, with these, you get your money’s worth as the doors last for not just years but decades. But if getting interior wooden double doors is your personal choice, our team will recommend you the best fit among our range of types of wood. But, know that you’ll need to take extra care and maintain these doors well. Also, for dry weather, thick wood works best. 


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