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The new age comes with new security challenges. Whether it’s your home or business premises, many valuables need to be stored safely. Featuring locks with smart technology & the best-quality soft or hardwood, interior smart doors and exterior smart doors offer the best security solutions. Add to that their premium, luxurious and contemporary look that resonates with everyone in the modern age. 

There are millions of queries that come to mind while choosing the specific category in doors. In this case, questions related to the smart doors are obvious.

Why Install Smart Doors?

Besides security, interior smart doors and exterior smart doors redefine convenience & utility. In some smart locks, built-in Wi-Fi enables users to access notifications and see pictures of visitors entering or leaving the premises. You can always refer to the photo log in case of theft, burglary, or any other kind of security breach. 

How Does Smart Doors Work?

The smart locks installed in them are enabled via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to make locking and unlocking easier and foolproof. The locks work by sending secure signals from a mobile app on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. 

The authorization process begins with a cryptographic key. Instead of a physical key, a smartphone operates the authentication process wirelessly to unlock the Smart Doors automatically. Even a third party can control or access these doors as their locks have a virtual key. All that the person has to do is drop a message on the person’s smartphone through text or email. 

In this way, access to such doors can be given to the receiver remotely.