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Like people, homes too, have personalities. And when it comes to personality, the first impression often is the last one. Make sure that it is a good one.

Double Doors bring your home’s palatial personality to the fore. Entering your living space as the doors sway inwards is the first experience a visitor has. It determines his willingness to explore the rest of the personality of your abode.

Fuel their desire to see more of what your home has to offer. Get Double Doors installed at your home’s entryway and exit way by the skilled handymen at Saina Doors. But Double Doors cast their magic spell not only as Exterior Doors but also as Interior Doors for bedrooms.


What are the types of Double Doors?


Classic Double Doors

If you wish to cast the royal vibe of castles and old forts, then these are just the right choice. These dark wood double doors cut out in a dome-like structure at the top are sure to make all your guests feel like royalty as they enter your home.


Painted Double Doors

Bring a statement look to your home’s entrance by painting them with colors like Red, Green, Blue, or even White. This will lend them a casual, countryside look, and make your visitors think of the good old times.


Embellished Double Doors

These work best with a basic brick background on the walls to cast an antique, rich look. As intricate details are carved on them, they are comparatively thicker and thus, heavier than other Double Doors. So, make sure that sturdy hinges are used to swing them inside or outside.


Panelled Double Doors

For those who have a thing for structure and sequence, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally-panelled doors are a good option. These will accentuate your home’s curb appeal to give it a modern, classy vibe.


Patterned Double Doors

These give an austere, contemporary tenor to your living space, whether installed inside the house or outside. The patterns best come to the fore on plain wooden backgrounds that are not grained or textured.


Minimalistic Double Doors

If Less is More is your philosophy, then these will fit your style and bode well as part of your home decor. Many of our clients choose this design, especially for interior doors as they make the lounge look more spacious.


Rustic Double Doors

You can even get basic wooden double doors installed without any finishing or polishing to give the entrance a raw, earthy feel. If your home lies in the middle of lush greenery, we highly recommend you to opt for these as exterior doors.


Spruce up your home’s style


An underrated feature of double doors is that they allow room for homeowners to employ various architectural styles. Double doors are the best options if you want wide interior & exterior access walkways in and around your house. They create a visual contrast between the area inside and outside your house. Also, think about how convenient it will be for you to move furniture or heavy equipment across rooms if you install double doors!