Interior Sliding Doors

Interior sliding doors are easy to use, have a minimal design, and add more space to any living area. And they’re one among the top choices for the ultra-contemporary & traditional, all the same—no wonder these are a popular choice among many of our clients.

Design That Makes A Difference

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Go for large interior wooden sliding doors if you have rustic interiors. But if the interiors are glam, choose glass or fiberglass sliding doors for interior rooms. However, glass doors also work well for modern to Provence-styled interiors. Make a statement by embossing eye-catching patterns on sliding doors, painted with bold colors, or given the finishing of unique textures.

Why install sliding doors for interior rooms?

  • Capture every vibe

Whatever be the vibe, this tribe of doors captures just that. 

Lend more rustic warmth to your living space with interior wooden sliding doors or add that contemporary look with interior sliding glass doors or interior sliding fiberglass doors. Thus, add character to your home while expressing your personal style.

  • Let daylight enter your place’s interiors

Sunlight is a natural disinfectant and makes your home’s interiors look more spacious. By installing glass or fiberglass sliding doors, you allow natural light to enter your home. Thus, these are the one solution to two problems. And they help you brighten up your home!

  • Help create various zones within the house

Say, for example, you’re working from home and want to create an office space for yourself. All you have to do is consult our team and get a sliding door installed within a room to create a cabin-sized office space for yourself.

So, with a sliding door, you create a different zone within an existing zone. And that too without completely shutting off surrounding areas. So, while having privacy, you also stay connected to your loved ones.

  • Can be made from various materials

We at Saina Doors have a wide range of sliding doors. Get a sliding door made from any hardwood or softwood among the several varieties available with us. Whether it’s fiberglass, glass, or frosted glass, there’s a style to suit everyone.

Install sliding doors & be more creative with your home’s interiors.

  • Make your home look more spacious

Traditionally, there needs to be a clear area around the opening for a door to be functional. Naturally, this takes up floor space and makes a room look comparatively congested. But you won’t face this problem with sliding doors.

That’s because you don’t need to worry about being able to swing them open. So, instead of making your room look congested, sliding doors make it look more spacious! Another thing about sliding doors is that there are many options for how and where these can be installed.

  • Keep all the noise out

This is an understated feature of installing sliding doors. Does the constant creak and slam of doors opening and shutting within your house bother you? Put an end to this noise by installing sliding doors.

These are built in a manner that they glide open & shut without making any noise. With sliding doors, be assured that there will be no risk of waking up the entire house each time you leave a room. These even keep out all external noises.


Interior Sliding Glass Doors

Around 50% of the energy used in a home is for space conditioning (temperature & lighting control). Interior sliding glass doors allow natural light to enter in. This helps save energy as there is less usage of heat devices, air conditioning devices, and those emitting artificial light.

Besides, natural lighting makes you more productive, happier, healthier, & calmer.

Further, it helps you naturally get a sufficient amount of vitamin D. Natural light also reduces the amount of mildew and mold growth in your house, thereby keeping your space healthier for you and your family.


Interior Wooden Sliding Doors

If you wish to add a rustic touch to your home’s ambiance, we suggest installing sliding barn doors. There are many customizations that you can do to these barn doors. Practically, any kind of wood can be used to build these wooden doors. There are many shades or patterns that can be embossed. If you wish, you can even add a dash of color to make a statement.

So, if there are only white walls in your house, a turquoise sliding door will bring about a vibrant contrast to the space. But if there’s already a lot going on in terms of wall colors and the amount of furniture, a wooden slab sliding door will neutralize the loud tenor of the ambiance. 

If privacy is your top concern, double sliding barn doors with rain glass work just fine. Then there are the options of a rough wood sliding door, a vintage wooden sliding door, a modern plywood sliding door with a geometric pattern, wood and glass framed sliding doors, and chic French sliding doors, among others. 


Interior Sliding Fiberglass Doors

Solid, durable, and long-lasting are the top three reasons that make interior sliding fiberglass doors a reasonable choice for homes. The polyurethane core in fiberglass is what makes it resistant to damage by water and extreme weather conditions. 

Sliding fiberglass doors withstand the elements without cracking or bowing. They don’t rust, rot, or warp, & aren’t susceptible to corrosion or insect infestation. These don’t shrink or swell and so, don’t get jammed in summers or let the winter winds in.

Moreover, fiberglass is light in weight and has tensile strength. Fiberglass sliding doors have low maintenance and so require little to no upkeep. Fiberglass doors look clean for longer periods. When required, only a damp cloth is needed to clean them. Also, fiberglass offers effective insulation inside the premises. 

Their fully insulated cores reduce thermal transfer between outdoors and indoors, thus giving you better protection against heat & cold. Fiberglass sliding doors use less energy to keep your home at a comfortable temperature and help save money on your bills.

Why Choose Us?

We offer cost-saving and effective solutions for all our clients and leave no stone unturned in manufacturing state-of-the-art interior sliding doors. Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority. So, our handymen do all it takes to cast the door that you want.
Also, as responsible citizens of the world, we strictly follow a minimal waste policy while making all our creations. Talk to us and we’ll assist you at the earliest.