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Sometimes, it takes a lot to bring a warm vibe and aesthetic to your home. At other times, you can count on Saina Doors.

There’s a lot more to front door design than its color. Sure, it goes a long way in defining the home’s ambiance. But so does the door’s style, texture, and material used. The overall front door design plays a huge role in making a visitor or a prospective buyer want to see more of ‘what lies inside.’


Most popular front door designs in India:

  • Front Double Door Design

We at Saina Doors don’t take designing a door lightly. After all, the entrance door is the first thing a visitor sets eyes on. So, it has to make a good statement and entice the person inside the house. There are a variety of double-door styles available in the market.


We help you find one that well expresses your aesthetic and fits your daily needs. 

  • Fiber Front Door Design

Fiberglass is strong & built to last. These withstand & easily resist destructive natural elements like harsh winds, rain, and even airborne debris. Also, they look just like wooden doors. So, if you’re looking for an affordable alternative to wooden front doors, fiberglass doors are just the right choice.


Besides, by installing a fiberglass front door, be assured that it won’t dent, scratch, peel, chip, warp, rot, or swell. Another pro is that fiberglass doors keep the interiors insulated and sound-proofed while keeping away insects, moisture, and UV rays of the sun.

  • Front Door Glass Design

We understand your privacy concerns. That’s why we suggest that you install frosted glass in the front door of your house. Another reason frosted glass is a suitable fit for entrance doors is that various designs can be customized according to your style to reflect your personality.


Moreover, if you have a comparatively smaller living room and want it to look more spacious, installing a front door frosted glass design will help you achieve the effect. That’s because it allows natural light to flood in. All this while maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature & reducing energy consumption. 


As frosted glass doors allow natural daylight to pass through, they significantly contribute to ecological conservation. On top of that, they lend a natural vibe to your home. Besides, think of all the cost savings due to the minimal use of artificial lighting.

  • Wooden Front Door Design 

Talk to any specialist in the field about making your home radiate grandeur & luxury, and the first thing the expert will suggest is to install wooden doors; not just for the front door but for all entrances & exits throughout the house. 


A bonus point is that practically any design can be cast into any type of wood—bamboo, pine, woodgrain, etc. If you want these to be further customized, you can ask our handymen to add fiberglass, frosted glass, and hardware to the door as per your liking. 


Wood is durable, weather-resistant, and lasts for lifetimes together. Also, it is low-maintenance and only needs to be cleaned with a damp cloth, every once in a while. So, you don’t have to invest a lot of effort or money in the upkeep of the entrance door. Wooden doors are resistant to scratches and other wear and tear.


Then there’s the added feature of you painting your home’s wooden front door with any color! Talk to us at Saina Doors to get expert guidance about a front door design that best compliments your abode’s personality.